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What’s your Gig In The Sky? is a interesting way to discover new music through your friends and noteworthy individuals from around the world.

To get started, just answer one question; “What music would like to be played at your funeral?”. Or, to put it in a more upbeat way, “What’s your Gig In The Sky?”.

Why this question?

Your Gig In The Sky is fascinating stuff! These special music selections pay huge recognition to the artists who wrote and recorded them and it’s something you should seriously consider sharing with your friends.

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Simply hit the button below, log-on with Facebook and get choosing! Pick up to 5 tracks, share them with friends or keep them totally private, it’s entirely up to you. You can come back and update them at anytime too.

Either way your choices will go towards creating some of the most fascinating and eclectic music charts ever seen.

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