About Gig In The Sky

Gig In The Sky

We enjoy listening to thousands of songs over our lifetimes. We think about the music we want to hear at home or at work, when we’re out or travelling.

But what about the music you’d like to be remembered by? What about your “Gig In The Sky”? Surely this is the most important and defining playlist you’ll ever put together.

For those who enjoy music it’s a fascinating question. And what about your friends or people from the world of music, TV, film, sports or science? Out of all the many millions of recordings out there, what tracks would they choose?

The application side of our website is integrated with Facebook and iTunes so you can easily share your own Gig In The Sky with your friends and also see their song choices. It’s a great way to discover new music and serves an important purpose too. No music fan should have to bow out to the morbid sounds of a badly played organ!

Music Charts

Since the advent of downloads and streaming, music charts have suffered from a loss of interest. Not too long ago music charts played a big part in everyday life. TV stations around the world broadcast weekly chart shows watched by millions.

With charts based on the very meaningful selections of our users we hope that our charts will, in time, become cited by the popular press.

Good Causes

In paying tribute to influential figures that have passed on, it is important to us that we highlight some of the various charities and good causes supported by those individuals during their lifetime.

Simply bringing awareness to a particular issue or humanitarian cause can be a great help. We endeavour to provide links to relevant websites and donation pages where readers can pledge their support.

Please Note: Having only recently got to the point whereby our hard work has got Gig In The Sky out into public domain, we are still in the process of completing many of the tributes featured and the process of fact-checking supported causes.

These articles deserve a great deal of attention and we are actively reaching out to third parties and bloggers who can help. However, if you are a big fan of a particular individual mentioned and would like to write a fitting tribute for them then we would love to hear from you.

Encouraging Music Revenues

If you like an artist, simply streaming their songs isn’t going to help them to make more music. Artists get paid a tiny amount each time a track is streamed. Sure, streaming has its place in finding new music, but, actually buying music, concert tickets, t-shirts and alike is the only sure way you can really help fund more of what you like.

We’re pro buying music (but not anti-streaming) and we hope that as we grow so too can our efforts to encourage more music sales and revenue for up and coming artists.

Industry Partners & Investors

If you’re in the music industry and would like to see how we may be able to work together then please get in touch. Equally, if you’ve recognised the huge potential of Gig In The Sky and would like to send us a suitcase full of cash and a lorry full of M&M’s (without the blue ones) then we’re sure we can accommodate your needs. Get in touch!